Torrent client with ntfs USB

New MK808 with internal Bluetooth!
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Torrent client with ntfs USB

Postby kundy » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:26 pm

I have purchased a MK808B and I use it with USB pendrives for additional space. If I use FAT32 formatted USB pendrive everything is fine. tTorrent downloads and seeds with full available speed. I love it.
BUT when I try to download HD movies FAT32 is not enough. I have tried NTFS USB pendrive but my MK808B works strange. It starts to download with high speed for some second and after that it stops or at least it is so slow that 1-2Bit/sec
Any recommendation how to use it for big files?
Thanks a lot

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Re: Torrent client with ntfs USB

Postby windserfer » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:03 pm

same problem here!
actually I never tried to format in FAT32 and i was thinking the problem was my stick (too slow).

Maybe using ext3/4 we can solve the problem? Tomorrow I'm gonna try and let you know!

Update: the stick with ext4 is not recognized.. Now I have to solve the "Power issue" before i go on testing!

Update 2: Actually I have solved the problem using aTorrent! Now I can get faster download speed and have no more that problem!(I'm using the free version)

Let me know if it works also for you, so we can be sure it's a problem of the app!

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