Neo X5 with Ubuntu - help

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Neo X5 with Ubuntu - help

Postby Patola » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:24 am

Hi all,

I have installed PicUntu ( ) which is an Ubuntu for the UG802 and MK808 on my newly acquired Minix Neo X5.
It boots in Ubuntu in text mode, but it does not recognize neither the wireless nor the ethernet.
I used a qf9700 ethernet USB dongle to get net access, but the device keeps hanging with different kernel messages everytime (sometimes no message, it just hangs or reboots).

Anyone know any specific kernel configuration or parameter that I should use to avoid these kernel hangs?

My thread documenting some of the attempts in another forum are here: ... ntry512226

BTW, if any of you can identify the specific wireless or ethernet hardware that would help greatly!

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